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Being a father means

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Being a father means

I have this habit of starting an article with a quote. I feel it explains more than what I may convey through writing a whole article. Here is one more quote which I connect the most with.

“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”   —James Baldwin

There is always a lot to say about mothers. There are a billion pages that have been written in all languages and from all cultures about mothers. But a father is almost forgotten. Today, I would like to talk a little about fathers. Even they go through a lot for their children, be it a son or a daughter. They keep their children before themselves just like the mother. Dad, daddy, pop, papa, pa, and father. Many names, but the job description is the same. The term fathering means being involved, behaving responsibly, being emotionally engaged, physically available, providing financial support, and having influence in child raising decisions. Here are a few things which explain what it means to be a father:

As it has been mentioned in the above quote, the children imitate very well. They gain certain characteristics directly from you before even you notice. Remember, you are their role model, thus, it is important to teach them and help them learn the right path. Later when they will be mature, the choice can be theirs but initial years are the developing stones for them. Here, I would like to share something from the equation which I have with my father. I always had looked up to my father in terms of the hard work he does, in terms of trying to improve constantly, in terms of being fearless. I can say that children learn a lot from their father. They truly are their role models.

You are known as the providers of the house and your children look up to you if they want anything. Your kids are going to need food, water, and shelter. We don’t want to forget that as a father you need to contribute to the household to help provide for your kids. But by givers, I’m not talking about just material items but also of your time and efforts. This account for more than money. You being present for your child help in nurturing them.
The simple act of going fishing with your boy or playing tea party with your little girl are gifts of memories. Those memories bare more weight than any gift of video game or dollhouses could ever Match.

As a father, you need to love your family with everything you have. It means sacrificing personal desires without a thought for just one chance to make your kids smile. It means a man breaking his back to make sure his family is taken care of. It is when your teenage daughter’s broken heart breaks your own even deeper. This all is true selfless love. This means fatherhood. This means manhood. Being a father is easy but requires little emotional investment. Whether or not you are emotionally connected with others but you will need to be emotionally connected to your child in order to understand them.

When you yourself start respecting your wife, your child’s mom, with utmost respect then they are more likely to do so in their future. Learning starts from the house and whatever they see, they imitate and they practice. If you have a son, you’re going to be teaching him how he needs to treat other women in his life. If you have a daughter, you’re the role model her expectations of how she should be treated by the men she dates and the man she will eventually marry. It is your actions that play a big role in their nurturing. Father means exemplifying for your children how to face life’s challenges with confidence.

Lastly, I want to conclude with helping you get to know about your children depending on their age!!

0-6 years                  – you know everything

6-8 years                  – you know almost everything

8-12 years                – you know many things

12-16 years              – you know one or two things

16-20 years              – you know NOTHING

20-23 years              – you might know one or two things

23-25 years              – you know many things

over 25                     – dad knows everything

“If you are a father, take what God’s Word says and make that your aim for fatherhood. God set the standard and all we need to do is follow that example.”