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Project YES

Youth for Emotional Support is an initiative that, via online training programs, focuses on helping youth develop skills that enable them to:

  1. Manage their mental and emotional state effectively
  2. Provide emotional first aid to friends and family

The Problem

Youth and Mental health

Most youth today experience more stress than they are equipped to handle. There is increased pressure due to studies, relationships, work, and now social media

There is a lack of mental health awareness and understanding among the youth regarding mental health and emotional support for self and others.

College education ignores one of the most important skills that are required not just for success but for living an overall happier, healthier and fulfilling lives

The Solution

Emotional Skills Training

Youth are the makers of change for tomorrow! With Project YES we strive to create a chain of trained individuals who can foster emotional wellbeing for themselves and for others in the times of emotional turmoil.

First aid mental and emotional health care for self

Specialized, structured training program to help youth develop advanced practical skills for understanding and expressing their emotions constructively and managing their thoughts and emotions effectively

First aid mental and emotional health care for friends and family

Helping youth learn how to recognize the signs that someone around them is experiencing an emotional challenge, what are the do’s and dont’s when they notice these signs along with the steps they can take to guide the concerned person to seek help from a professional


Self Hypnosis

Learn to bypass your conscious mind and introduce your desired thoughts and emotions into your unconscious mind.

Happy Relationships

No matter where your relationship is, this Workshop can help you make it richer, more loving and more rewarding.

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