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Questions on Getting to Know Your Grandparents

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Questions on Getting to Know Your Grandparents

Grandparents are the parents of your parents. They play an even more crucial part in the lives of us(grandchildren). Though they play more of an indirect role by providing support to their children. They are often seen as “stress buffers,” family “watchdogs(use some other word),” “roots,” “arbitrators,” and “supporters.”
You may sometimes feel shy about initiating a conversation with them or knowing the right type of questions to ask. But trust me, ask anything you feel like and you will be amazed by the answers. As it is said, “Learn from mistakes and the experiences” – you can sometimes learn even more from others mistakes and experiences. And the best way to learn from others is through your grandparents.
If you don’t have a close relationship with your grandparents these questions may help you to get closer to them.

  1. How did their parents choose their name?
  2. When and where were they born?
  3. What kinds of things did their family do together when they were young?
  4. What did they do with your friends?
  5. How did they meet grandma/grandpa? What was their marriage proposal like?
  6. How the proposal took place – arranged or love?
  7. What trips or vacations do they remember?
  8. What are their favourite things to do – now vs then?
  9. What do they hope for your children and grandchildren?
  10. Do they have any childhood pictures?
  11. Ask about their favourite subject or teacher from school?
  12. Where did they live? How was the house like?
  13. What were their grandparents like?
  14. What is that makes them happy?
  15. What is different about growing up today than when they were a child?

Capture their life’s story in your memory. Some of their experiences you may not be able to understand then and there but it will definitely reside at the back of your mind. Whenever you will come across a similar situation, you will remember them automatically.
You can spend the best days of your life with them. It goes both ways. Even they need you as you make their world light up more than your parents.